BALL MAGNET – The Invisible Ball Boy

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Ideal for Coaching, Cardio Tennis and when using a ball machine, Ball Magnet significantly improves on-court safety, player concentration and ball pick-up. What better way to market your club than with a higher quality experience?

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Product Description


Ball Magnet is an innovative tennis net overlay that captures over 80% of balls hit into the net. Designed primarily for when dozens of balls are in use – such as Coaching , Cardio Tennis or when using ball machines, the Ball Magnet has an immediate and positive impact on the quality of your clients ‘ on-court experience. It is composed of a series of three overlapping lightweight nylon nets, takes two minutes to install or remove and carries a two year warranty.


Ball Magnet enables Tennis Clubs and Pros to market more effectively. A combination of improved safety, better flow to coaching sessions, more playing time (swifter ball pick-up), and improved focus (fewer distractions), translate in to what is, quite simply, a better on-court experience.

  • Safety is always an important consideration for the modern Tennis Pro. By capturing over 80% of tennis balls hit into the net, Ball Magnet reduces the number of stray balls that bounce back into the ‘playing zone’ by up to five times. That is five times fewer stray balls to trip over and which translates directly into fewer ankle sprains and other painful injuries.
  • With dozens, if not hundreds, of tennis balls in play during coaching and cardio sessions and with multiple players, Ball Magnet has a profound impact on safety. For Pros, this means less to worry about. For clubs, this means less risk of litigation.
  • Fewer Distractions from stray balls means that your coaching session has a markedly better flow, a better rhythm. Why? Because clients are not constantly having to pause to sweep away stray balls before making their shot. Instead, the drills can progress uninterrupted with players able to concentrate fully on the ball in play – as opposed to being distracted by the ball underfoot. Better rhythm, 100% concentration…….every player’s game would benefit as any distraction impedes technique.
  • Swifter Ball Pick-up occurs when using Ball Magnet since most of the tennis balls are concentrated either close to the net or at the back of the court. As a result, players gain more time for actual play. While Cardio Tennis may use ball pick-up as a chance to regain one’s breath, for most of us ball pick-up is just a chore that has no bearing on our game. More playing time does, however!

Adjustable Settings

You can adjust the height of the bottom of the Ball Magnet for different types of play. Simply adjust the height of the white cord at the bottom of the Ball Magnet. This white cord is set at the factory to be just higher than the height of a tennis ball at 2-3″.

To adjust the height, locate the three cord lock tensioners that are attcahed to the three tethers. Tightening the tether will raise the white cord higher and vice versa.

  • Coaching, Cardio and Ball Machines
    For most types of play, the lower net should be set at 2-3 inches above the court surface – which is how it arrives from the factory. At this setting, the Ball Magnet will catch and retain balls approximately 1-3′ from the tennis net.
  • Match Play
    For match play, set the net at 1-11/2 inches above the court surface. Balls will be retained at the bottom of the tennis net.


Ball Magnet is a clever design that includes a series of three lightweight and overlapping nets (spools) that hang on either side of the tennis net. Each spool is cinched around the tennis net poles. Like a Venetian Blind, the Ball Magnet nets overlap each other so that the tennis balls drop behind each layer of netting. Take a look at How it Works for further details.
Please note that the Ball Magnet is NOT a tennis net. It is a safety & training aid that is added to your existing net.



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