Installation is easy. It takes under three minutes with two people and perhaps a minute longer with one person. To ensure successful installtion, please note following important points:

  1. Do NOT over tighten the Ball Magnet when cinching the straps. Ball will bounce back if the Ball Magnet is too tight.
  2. Ensure the bottom edge is 2-2.5″ above the court surface. When used for match play, the net is set at 1-1.5″ above the court surface.***Match players may omit to readjust the Ball magnet before leaving so check before start of play.

We also recommend TWO PERSON installation and that you WATCH THE VIDEO before installing your Ball Magnet.

For Installation

PRINT INSTRUCTIONS: Click here for a copy of the printed installation instructions.


Like any tennis net, Ball Magnet requires occasional adjustments. We recommend that you regularly check the following items:

  • Adjust the tension over the first few days and over time as normal stretching may occur.
  • Ensure the Ball Magnet is not too tight. Loosen as necessary to ensure balls do not bounce back.
  • Ensure the 3 layers of Ball Magnet netting always overlap.
  • Check that the Ball Magnet is at the same height on either side of the tennis net.


The following issues may arise if the recommended maintenance and adjustments are not followed:

Balls bounce back off the net.
A: The Ball Magnet is too tight. Loosen the straps round the tennis net pole

Some balls are getting trapped by the white cord and the balls are caught off the ground.
A. Tighten the lower strap.

The nets got tangled when unrolling (or rolling up) the Ball Magnet
A: Maintain tension when rolling or unrolling the Ball Magnet. Also ensure the nets do not slip off the end of the spools when (un)rolling.

The Ball Magnet has sagged down.
A: Tighten the straps round the tennis net pole
Please feel free to call us for additional assistance on Tel No: (540) 904-0887