How It Works


As with all great inventions, Ball Magnet is simple.

  • Three lightweight nets hang on either side of the tennis net. The three nets overlap behind each other, like Venetian blinds, and are attached at either end to wooden posts. The posts are cinched around the tennis net poles with straps.
  • When a ball is hit into the tennis net, it slows and then drops behind one of the Ball Magnet nets. Due to the physics of the tennis net, the Ball Magnet is not needed near the top of the tennis net; balls hit here are naturally deflected downwards behind the top of the Ball Magnet. As a result, Ball Magnet is positioned approximately nine inches below the tape.
  • A ball hit into the top layer of the Ball Magnet net drops behind the second Ball Magnet net and so on.
  • Enables Pros to improve the quality of their clients’ on-court experience………more focus, less distraction, safer!
  • Easy to install and remove, Ball Magnet can be left up all season and needs occasional minor minor adjustments like a tennis net

Adjustable Settings

  • Ball Magnet is adjustable!
  • It comes in the box with the bottom cord set 2-2.5″ above the court surface. This setting enables balls to be retained 1-3′ from the tennis net. For match play, we recommend setting the white cord no more than an inch above the court surface. This setting traps balls at the bottom of the net… know how you have to retrieve that first serve hit into the net ? No longer! The result? More focused play and swifter match times.
  • To adjust the height setting, simply locate the three cord tensioners on the bottom layer of the Ball Magnet and tighten or loosen to the desired height.